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Training you for balance. Online.

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Too busy to invest more than 30-45 minutes a day?

No problem.

As a mom, CF coach and entrepreneur I just can't and don't want to invest the time going to the gym. After some time searching I found another way of living with fitness goals that I want to share with you.

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Rocks of Balance

What is é-quivalence?

This means I help you work for sustainable and balanced change.

 Have you ever decided to transform your body somehow? You wanted change: to lose weight, get in shape, get stronger...You then go on a diet and some crazy intense exercise regime and you get results! But over time you slip back into old habits. Or you had this strict, successful regimen but then a job, a baby, a move or dare I say it Covid changed all that.

Have you been there? I have.

I am here to say it doesn't have to be that way. Balance is the key.

Like this image balance is never perfect and linear but surprisingly achievable.

é-quivalence is about finding that right mix for you that incorporates your goals, your reality, your needs and finds your existing fulcrum.

I work with you and offer online training courses and personal training courses that are specialized and focused on you.

We work together that find the balance that works for you.

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About Me:  AC

I am a working mom of two teenage boys and a dog. They all keep me on my toes. I have been in shape and out of shape and had periods when I couldn't maintain the commitment of being an athlete. 
I have coached CrossFit for 6 years, I have a Level 1 Certification from Precision Nutrition. and am currently finishing my Personal Trainer Certification with NASM. I haven't the time nor frankly the will to maintain enormous intensity in my own fitness path. Now I  have found a better, kinder way for me to maintain my fitness that I wish to share with you.

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My Programs

 First Evaluation and Assessment

I will spend about 45 minutes getting to know about your nutrition and sleeping habits, setting some realistic goals with you and assessing your movement patterns and general mobility. Based on your results, you will then receive an assessment video outlining your program. This will include what mobility and stretching routines you should incorporate in your day.

60 CHF

Image by Brooke Lark

Nutrition Weekly Check-Ins

Using the application PT Distinction, I will observe your nutrition. With this app you can use MyFitness Pal or take photos of your meals. I monitor them weekly and give you written feedback to keep you motivated and on-track with your fitness goals!

65 CHF/month/

Nutrition Package

You and I will work on changing your nutrition in-line with your goals but doing it in a way that works for you! In general, you will give me all the data you can on what you eat (there are several ways to do this), how you feel about it and if the both of us feel that there is a need to change we implement it in a reasonable, realistic way. I highly recommend that you plan on working with me for at least 3 months to get effective change.

120 CHF/month

Pouring Honey
Online Fitness Class

BASIC On-Line Program Package

Using the application PT Distinction, I will give you programmed workouts to do each week that is specifically designed for you. Included in them is a warmup, cool down and mobility exercises specific to your body. You also get a monthly 45 min Zoom call from me to check how you are progressing.

180 CHF/month/

MENTOR On-line Package

This is for those of you who know you have trouble keeping motivated. Besides an individualized monthly workout program, you get bi-weekly 30 min Zoom meetings. This allows for you and I to create a bit of accountability plus, we have regular meetings to adjust your workouts as necessary to keep you going!

230 CHF/ month

Online Class
Upward Facing Dog

Nutrition & Fitness Programming

You get both the online mentor programming and nutritional support as described above. Combining the two means daily monitoring of your nutrition, weekly Zoom reviews and daily check ins for your nutrition and workouts! I work with you on making sure you are happy with yourself every time you eat. and having the workouts designed basically by you due to your feedback and my accessibility. This ensures that you will never get bored, I will be there when you do, and we monitor together your process to achieve your goal. That includes making certain you don’t overtrain and that we monitor closely your body and take care of it properly.

380 CHF/month or 350 per month for 3 months

On-line Program & On-Line Coaching

As I said earlier you get an individualized monthly nutrition and workout program, daily messaging support, a weekly hour long Zoom to discuss nutrition and your workouts. Plus, you can do your workout through Zoom with me 3x a week. This is a great way to keep you motivated and safe!

990 CHF/month

 Or 975 CHF each month for 3 months

Woman Running
Exercising at Home

Personal Training Package

An individualized monthly nutrition and workout program, daily check ins, a weekly meeting, and an hour workout 3x a week (or 4x 45-minute session) at 90 CHF per hour. I also will be monitoring your nutrition. This is the ideal for quick results and long-lasting change. I monitor your movements in person to ensure your safety and your efficiency but more importantly to have fun!

1350 CHF/month

Or 1250 CHF each month for 3 months

Personal Training

We meet and I give you a workout that will accomplish your goal. To achieve them, I recommend a minimum of two seances a week.
100 CHF in person
90 CHF Zoom

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